Original Jokes by Jamie Johnson

on Howz Yer Teeth?!

What do you call an aria performed at an opera by a Corellian Captain (hover for answer)? Han's Solo

What do you call Spider-Man's valet (hover for answer)? Peter's Parker

What would one of Batman's girlfriends wear at her wedding (hover for answer)? Vicki's Vale (veil)

What is the Incredible Hulk's flag? (hover for answer) Bruce's Banner

What do you call Two-Face's automobile accident (hover for answer)? Harvey's Dent

What do you call Muhammad Ali's Play-Doh (hover for answer)? Cassius' Clay

What do you call a frying vessel flying in London (hover for answer)? Peter's Pan

What would the Scarecrow use for a construction project (hover for answer)? Jonathan's Crane

What car would Han Solo and Indiana Jones drive? (hover for answer)? Harrison's Ford

Where would Captain Corelli be imprisoned? (hover for answer)? Nicholas' Cage

What do you call Alfred Pennyworth's walking stick? (hover for answer)? Michael's Caine (cane)

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