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"Howz Yer Teeth?!" "Howz Yer Breath?!"
"How dare you?!" "How dare me?!"
"How dare you, Daddy?!" (Leona) "How (you) dare you?!" (Arthur)
"What's wrong with you?!" "What's wrong with me?!"
"Know what I'm sayin'?" "I learned it from watching you!…"
"POO-DOO!" "Poopah!"
"I can't believe…!" "Goose-hoppin'!"
"Crayzeh!" "Wee beady eyes!"
"My Liver!" "Who let the dogs out?" (Arthur v.1)
"Who let the dogs out?" (Arthur v.2) "No Captain!" (Arthur quotes Darth Vader)
"Baby, Baby, Baby!" "What are you doin'?!"
"Quiet PLEEZ!" "Shut-up PLEEZ!"
Spiderman Song by Arthur G.I. Joe theme sung by Arthur
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