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Teens are concerned about many health and nutrition issues. Handling bullies and peer pressures, choosing diets for wellness, and maintaining healthy relationships are just a few of the tough topics facing today’s youth.

Health and Nutrition

Vaccines – Essential vaccinations teens should consider.

James Johnson's Psychology and Counseling Links - A page on a sister site with links all about Counseling and Psychology (sister site doesn't open in new window).
Thanks to Sarah Cromwell and her student Danielle whose actions prompted me to add this link.

Science of Cooking – Learn how to read French fries, watch webcasts, and take your cooking skills up a notch. Bon appétit!

Computers and Technology

Keeping up with the changes in computers and technology changes in today's fast-paced society is challenging, but one of the benefits of the vast resources available on the Internet is the speed with which information can be accessed. Need to protect against computer viruses or find out what technology jargon really means? The answers are right at your fingertips.

Device Down - Confronting digital addiction and prioritizing what matters most ... (sister site doesn't open in new window)

Digital Safety - Informational guide to staying safe online, includes search engine safety, scams, and identity theft.

Ultimate Parents' Guide to Internet Safety - Guide, including usage and statistics

Parents' Guide for Safe YouTube and Internet Streaming for Kids

Computer SecurityImportant tips to keep you safe and secure online.

The jargon-free guide to computer and internet security

Trace Emails – Find out how to trace emails.

Instant Messaging– Keep viruses and spyware from infecting computers while using the instant messaging function.

How Computers Work – Learn how computers work and how to utilize them for your benefit.

Technology Buzzwords – Need a definition for binary or RAM? 

Laptops for Kids – Dangers and benefits of children having access to their own laptops

Privacy.net – One man's fight against the invasion of our privacy online

WiredSafety – Helping everyone stay safe online since 1995

Internet Addiction – Is the Internet taking over your life?

Kids, Children, or Youth Resources

Staying safe can be a concern for everyone. Always consult parents or other trustworthy adults if you feel uncomfortable about any situation. The Internet offers a wide variety of information, but not all of that information comes from reliable sources.

Generation Smartphone: A Guide for Parents of Tweens & Teens - Keeping kids safe online

Online Safety – Stay safe while enjoying the Internet.

Be Ready | Kids - Kids, be prepared during a disaster. Be a hero.

Fire Safety – Respect fire and learn to keep safe around potential sources of fire.

Road Safety – Independent travel is a perk of entering the teen years.

WiredSafety – Helping everyone stay safe online since 1995 - archived version of "Parry Aftab's Guide to Keeping Your Kids Safe Online"

Internet Addiction – Is the Internet taking over your life?

Laptops for Kids – Dangers and benefits of children having access to their own laptops

Parenting Resources

Parenting during the teen years takes most adults through a cycle of emotions: anger, joy, satisfaction, frustration. Some simple ideas can help bring a new perspective to parenting and shorten the whirlwind of emotional turbulence.

Parenting Teens – Avoid common parenting mistakes and learn new ways of parenting.

Parents & Teens – Learn the truth behind teen parenting myths.

Teen Parenting – Top ten tips for effective parenting during the teen years.

Raising Teens – Turn frustration to peace and harmony with a few simple changes.

Parenting Teen Issues – Step-by-step to teaching responsibility and accountability.


Discover some of history's mysteries and see how much fun history can be. Track down the past, visit the White House, and expand your mind.

Make History Fun – Become a history detective and see how much of the past is hiding in your home.

History Games – Who knew learning history could be so fun?

American History – Go behind the scenes at the White House and learn about American history.

Lewis and Clark Expedition – Bring history to life and join the exploration team of Lewis and Clark.

Energy History – Find out how energy has been a part of history.

English, French, German & Italian Languages

If English is not your native language, the Internet is a quick reference guide to many sites with free lessons. It is also a wonderful no-cost way to learn other languages such as French or German.

French Lessons – Learn French with 24 free, self-paced online lessons.

Free French Lessons – Self-scoring interactive French lessons covering listening, writing, and reading.

Free German Lessons – Designed for beginners with no knowledge of German.

Interactive Italian Lessons – Comprehensive lessons with audio files.

ESL – Learn English online for free with lessons, activities, and podcasts.

Random Fun Stuff

All work and no fun is a prescription for burnout. Even the most studious teen needs some relaxation.

Paper Folding - Fun paper folding including Huzita-Hatori and Origami.

Planet Impact – Learn about comets and launch one straight at Jupiter. 

Interactive Biology – Learn biology the fun way with tutorials and activities.

NTSA (National Science Teachers Association) Books & Resources - Freebies for Science Teachers

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