Captain America


He fought Captain America in the First Avenger.

Who is Red Skull?


This is Captain America's real name.

What is Steve Rogers?


This woman is Captain America's first love.

Who is Peggy Carter?


This is the order of the Captain America movies.

What is this order: The First Avenger, The Winter Soldier, Civil War?



This family member of Spider-Man died.

Who is Uncle Ben?


This is how Spider-Man became a Spider-Man.

What is being bitten by a mutant spider?


This is Spider-Man's real name.

What is Peter Parker?


She is Spider-Man's love interest (in most cases).

Who is Mary Jane "MJ" Watson?

Iron Man


These are the colors of Iron Man's suit.

What are yellow (gold) and red?


This is Iron Man's real name.

What is Tony Stark?


He was Iron Man's enemy in Civil War.

Who is Captain America?


She is Iron Man's love interest.

Who is Pepper Potts?



This causes the transformations whenever the man becomes the Hulk.

When he becomes angry?


This is the Hulk's true identity.

Who is Bruce Banner?


The Hulk is two of the following: Scientist, Technologist, Doctor.

What is a scientist and doctor?


The Hulk has been depicted in these colors.

What are green, gray and red?

Black Panther


This is where Black Panther lives.

What is Wakanda?


Black Panther fought him for the throne.

Who is Erik Killmonger?


Bucky was called this in Black Panther.

What is "the White Wolf"?


This is Black Panther's real name.

What is T'Challa?

Marvel JEOPARDY on Howz Yer Teeth?!


This is


on Howz Yer Teeth?!