4U2C: Alphanumerics by Jamie Johnson

on Howz Yer Teeth?!

Using numbers and letters, how do you make the following words, prefixes, names and phrases (hover over the box for the answer)?

Accessory XSRE

Ail/Ale L

Aisle IL

Alecs/Alex LX

Allay LA

Am M

Any NE

Anyone NE1

Appeal APL

Are R

Arty/Artie RT

Asics A6

Ate 8

Beady BD

Bee/Be B

Before B4

Benign B9

Bill (Southern) BL

Bin/Been/Ben/Bein' (Southern) BN

Casey KC

Canine K9

Cutie QD or QT

Deal/Dill (Southern) DL

Dee D

Den (Southern) DN

Deviancy DVNC

Dio DO

Easy EZ

Ecstasy XTC

Eighty 8T or 8D or AD or AT or 8E

Effects FX

Elate L8

Elle L

Ellen LN

Ellie LE

Elsie LC

Elton L(10)

Emily MLE

Emmy ME

Empty MT

Envious NVS

Envy NV

Essay SA

Essex SX

Estee ST

Eton E(10)

Ex X

Excel XL

Excellency XLNC

Excess XS

Exo XO

Eye I

For/Fore 4

Foreign 4N

Foresee 4C

Forty 4T or 4D

Gee G

Geo GO

Gin (Southern) GN

Icy/I see. IC

I'll IL

In/An N

Indian NDN

Indy ND

Innate N8

Into N2

Ivy IV

Jail (Southern) JL

Jay J

Jen (Southern) GN

Jill (Southern) GL

Katie KT or KD

Kay/Kaye K

Ninety 9T or 9D

Odie OD

Oh/Owe O

Okay OK

Owen ON

Pea P

Peal/Pill (Southern) PL

Pen/Pin (Southern) PN

Pew (Southern) or Pee-yoo/Pee-Yew PU

Queue/Cue Q

Seal/Sill (Southern) CL

See/Sea C

Seton C(10)

Seventy 7T or 7D

Silencio (Spanish) CLNCO

Sin or Seein' (Southern) CN

Sixty 6T or 6D

Tea/Tee T

Tedious TDS

Tedium TDM

Tennis (10)S

Tepee TP

Tin (10)

Tin or Teein' (Southern) TN

To/Too 2

Tutu 22

While YL

Whiten Y(10)

Why Y

You U

Zeal (Southern) ZL

Am I okay? MIOK

Are you okay? RUOK

For you to see. 4u2c

I see you. ICU

I seek you. ICQ

I seek you for you excel. ICQ4UXL


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