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Howz Yer Teeth?!

Ackbar Adventures

"The stairs ... It's a trap!"

"The floor ... It's a trap!"

"The Sphinx ... It's a trap!"

"The pyramid ... It's a trap!"

"The mummy's crypt ... It's a trap!"

"It's a frap!"

"It's a map!"

"It's a nap!"

"It's a slap!"

A long time ago... I made this memo holder with a calendar before the original Star Wars came out in May 1977, but upon closer analysis, "It's a trap!"

"It's a lap!"

"A Flash Gordon blaster... It's a ZAP!"

"Thermopylae... It's a gap!"

"It's a Spinal Trap!"

"It's a von Trapp!"

Don't use Internet Explorer.... "It's a Trap!"

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